“Our national culture, which has a strong foundation, today is famous in the world for its history, ancient, multifaceted and peculiar traditions and peculiarities, in particular, rare written monuments, original works of fine art, musical works of Shashmakom and Falak and hundreds of other achievements and phenomena of literature and art. “

Leader of the nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon.

Members of the Union of Composers of Tajikistan

1.Abdura monov  VorisComposer
2.Abdurashidov  Abduvali and  ̶   Candidate of Arts , People’s Artist of the Republic of TajikistanMusicologist
3.Aziz and  Farog and t Abdou to and xx orzoda   ̶   Doctor of Arts , Honored Art Worker of Tajikistan, professorMusicologist
4.Amin onov Ra im on  Negmatovich   ̶   candidate of historical sciencesMusicologist
5.Barotov Ravshan  Ma nunovich Composer
6.Bedakov SharifComposer
7.Bilolov  Said to the street  ̶ People’s Artist of   Tajikistan, Laureate of the State Prize named after A. Rudaki         Composer
8.Davlatov Ma mad ul Davlatovich, professorComposer
9.Dostizoda Miral and ̶  People’s  Artist of  Tajikistan, Laureate of the State Prize named after A. RudakiComposer
10.Zikirov CONCACAF provided Mi collated J. onovic Composer
11.Zulfi orov ZayniddinComposer
12.Iʙro imov Ubaydullo Composer
13.Ismoilov  J. amshed Kasymovich ̶ Honored Artist of TajikistanComposer
14.Karimov Zayniddin  NuriddinovichComposer
15.oʙilova rinisso tjcievna̶   Dr. iskusstvovedenijaMusicologist
16.Ka dyrova  Beatrice  IsmatovnaMusicologist
17.osim zoda  Sheral and  Faizal and ̶ Honored Worker of the Republic of TajikistanComposer
18.К урбони  К урбониён      ̶ Honored Artist of TajikistanComposer
19.Latifzoda AlisherComposer
20.Lola Tolis (Pulodova) Composer
21.Marodaseinov PayravComposer
22.Maşraʙ Ibodulla Ra apt stay  ̶ Narodnыj artist CoatComposer
23.Mirzoeva Nationality noza   ̶   NA iskusstvovedenijaMusicologist
24.Mirshakar  Zarina  Mirsaidovna – Honored Art Worker of TajikistanComposer
25.Musoev Amirbek  By araevich ̶ Honored Artist of TajikistanComposer
26.Nazarova Larisa  Alexandrovna   ̶   candidate of art historyMusicologist
27.Niyoz i   Khurshed  IstampurComposer
28.Nizamov Asliddin    ̶   Doctor of Art History, ProfessorMusicologist
29.Nizomov CONCACAF submitted  NizomovicMusicologist
30.Nizomov Khurshed MuzaffarovichMusicologist
31.Nishonov Zokir  Ba romovich ̶ Honored Artist of TajikistanComposer
32.Obidpur  J. urahon  Obidovich ̶ Honored Worker of the Republic of Tajikistan , professorComposer
33.Pirov  Kh asan  Alievich   ̶ Honored Worker of the Republic of TajikistanComposer
34.Ra imov  Abdusalom  Ra imovich – Honored Artist of the Republic of TajikistanComposer
35.Raximov Karomatullo Samandarovich  ̶   candidate of art historyMusicologist
36.Raximov RaxmonComposer
37.Dr. J. Abov Askarali and ̶   Doctor of Historical SciencesMusicologist
38.Rustamov Dodo on  ̶   candidate of art historyMusicologist
39.Rustamova  Jamilya  SayfiddinovnaComposer
40.Saidzoda Furkat Fatxullo – Honored Artist of the Republic of TajikistanComposer
41.Saidkarimov Bakhtiyor   Ahmadkhonovich, Candidate of ArtsMusicologist
42.Soh iʙova PamelaComposer
43.Tagoev Kholmurod PuladovichComposer
44.Temur ov  UmarMusicologist
45.Toshev to others subduedComposer
46.Toshmatov  Abdura monComposer
47.Turdaliev ZafarComposer
48.Turobi Parviz      Composer
49.Ulmasov Firuz  Aʙduşukurovic ̶   Dr.  iskusstvovedenijaMusicologist
50.Faizulloev FatxulloComposer
51.Firuz Bakhor (Akhmedov) – Honored Artist of the Republic of TajikistanComposer
52.Khalilov Surat  MukhamedovichComposer
53.Khalilov Jasur SuratovichComposer
54.Kholov Davlatmand   – People’s Artist of the Republic of Tajikistan,  Laureate of the State Prize named after A. RudakiComposer
55.Khudoiberdiev  Sultonal and ̶   candidate of artMusicologist
56.Hamdamova NaziraComposer
57.Hamidov SangaliComposer
58.Hamidova NasibaComposer
59.XAsanov Faisal and ̶  People’s Republic of Tajikistan HafizComposer
60.Xasanova ManzuraComposer
61.Khikmatov  Kudratullo – Honored Artist of the Republic of TajikistanComposer
62.Sharifova KhosiyatComposer
63.Shaxid and  Tolib  Ziyodulloevich  ̶   People’s Artist of the Republic of Tajikistan,  Laureate of the State Prize named after I. A. RudakiComposer
64.Ixns  Toudratullo  Sultanovich   ̶   Honored Artist of the Republic of Tajikistan,  winner of the State Prize. A. Rudaki , professorComposer
65.AVOIDANCE xja ev Mukhammadieva apt amadxudƶaMusicologist