“Our national culture, which has a strong foundation, today is famous in the world for its history, ancient, multifaceted and peculiar traditions and peculiarities, in particular, rare written monuments, original works of fine art, musical works of Shashmakom and Falak and hundreds of other achievements and phenomena of literature and art. “

Leader of the nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon.



Musoev Amirbek Karaevich was born in 1961 in the city of Nurek in a working class family. In 1976 he graduated from the Musical College of the city of Dushanbe, and in 1985 he graduated with honors from the Tajik State Institute of Arts named after M. Tursunzade, then in 2010 he graduated from the Tajik National Conservatory named after T. Sattorov with a degree in composer and teacher. A. Musoev began his career as a teacher of a children’s music school in the Faizabad region, conductor of a folk orchestra, editor-in-chief of music radio programs, editor-in-chief of musical television programs, executive secretary of the Union of Composers of Tajikistan, senior teacher at the Tajik State Institute of Art named after M. Tursunzade and since 2003 Associate Professor of the Department of Folk Instruments, Dean of the Faculty of Tajik Music of the Tajik National Conservatory named after T. Sattorov, since June 2009 in the position of artistic director of the Tajik State Philharmonic named after A. Dzhuraev. Currently he is the chairman of the Union of Composers of Tajikistan and professor of the Department of Folk Instruments at the Tajik National Conservatory named after T. Sattorov.

Since 1990, he is a member of the Union of Composers of Tajikistan, a member of the Kyrgyz Academy of Arts, he has created more than 300 songs, music for 19 theatrical performances and voluminous works for symphonic, chamber and orchestras of folk instruments: the children’s opera “Afsonai besha” (“Forest Fairy Tale” ), libretto by S. Umar 2010, music for the films “Afsonai zindagu” (“The Tale of Life”), “Paygomi Padrud” (“Farewell Message”), “Mu’gizai ishk” (“The Miracle of Love”) and “Margi Runner” (“Death of an Innocent”). He is a laureate of republican competitions and a competition of folk instrument performers in Central Asia, Kazakhstan and the Caucasus in connection with the 100th anniversary of Uzeyir Hajibeyov (1986, Baku), for the first time became a laureate of the republican competition of folk instruments (1986, Dushanbe). The works of A.

He was also the musical director of the Days of Culture of Tajikistan in Germany (1997) and the head of the International Conference on the 1100th anniversary of the founding of the Samanid state in St. Petersburg, public holidays Day of Independence, National Unity, the International holiday of Navruz, the Day of the Constitution of Tajikistan. In recent years, A. Musoev has created several complex musical works – the Big Concerto “Concerto Grosso” for piano flute and orchestra, the opera “Kangoma dar Kangal” (“Confrontation in the Forest”) for teenagers on a libretto by S. Ayubzod Makhzun – 2014, opera “Khusraw and Shirin” based on the poem by Hakim Nizom Ganjavi, (libretto by Gulnazar – 2019), ballet “Kurushi Kabir” (“Great Kir”), libretto by B. Abdurakhmonov – 2020. A. Musoev, as a teacher, is the author of many scientific and methodological works – “Orzui Mutrib” (“Musician’s Dream”) melodies for gidjak and doira. – Dushanbe, “Adib”, 1994; “Rosi Gigak” selected works for gidjak and piano – “Sanadvora”, 1997; “Dasturamali Qigaknavozi navshogird” in collaboration with Amrokhon Muborakshoev – “Dushanbe,” Maorif “- 1998; “Olami afson” (World of fairy tales) – (a set of small pieces for piano Dushanbe, “Arzhang”, 2005; Selected works for violin, ensemble of violinists and piano. – Dushanbe, “Arzhang”, 2006; “Gulbohi Oriyon” (“Flower garden Oriyon “) – a collection of children’s songs. – Dushanbe,” Egod “, 2009;” Navoi Mardum “(Folk melodies) – a collection of folk melodies in collaboration with A. Gafizov. – Dushanbe,” Egod “2010;” Nomusi Vatandor “(” Pride for the Motherland “) – a collection of songs. – Dushanbe,” Shapar “, 2012. A. Musoev as a professional composer, experienced teacher, expert in professional music, promoter of modern and classical music, enjoys great prestige among the people. A. Musoev for his services to the government and people was awarded the following titles – Laureate of the Youth Union of Tajikistan (1995), the Medal of the Honored Worker of Arts (1998), the Prize of the Union of Composers of Tajikistan named after Borbad (2005) and the title of Honored Worker of Arts of Tajikistan (2008).